Welcome at Embroidery Delight, you have a complete online embroidery design library service that subscribes to good governance at your fingertips. We offer fantastic opportunities for each and every one no matter whether you are a beginner, experienced, professional seamstress or an embroiderer. Experience high quality machine embroidery designs and services and check out Embroidery Delight’s amazing and innovative vendors' designs. There are many brands in existence for sewing, quilting and embroidery products. Embroidery Delight is populated with a collection of nearly every type of design you can possibly think of. Look out for frequent specials for extra savings and exclusive free machine embroidery designs! Also find loads of free designs throughout Embroidery Delight. For your convenience: Files available for download immediately after purchase.


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How to access your purchased files:

All your products that you have purchased are available in your account's "Files" section. Click on "My Account" on the top right-hand side of the website as displayed below:

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And then click on the "File"-tab where all your downloads will be listed as displayed below:

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To download your file. Simply click on the pink "Download"-link on each design that you purchased.

[FIXED] Problems downloading files or files "corrupt" when downloaded?

We have fixed the issue of zip files downloading corrupt on Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 . If you are still experiencing problems, please email us and we will assist you.

We are busy investigating the problems some users are experiencing downloading files from our website. We apologize for this and we're working hard to remedy this problem.

We believe we have narrowed the problem down to the fact that all the users that we've communicated with in response to their calls, are all using Internet Explorer 8 that came default with their Windows. Our website experiences high volume traffic and at certain times, the website runs a bit slower than usual. When you are downloading your files from our website and the website is a bit slow, Internet Explorer 8 sometimes stops the download and makes it look like it finished downloading where in fact it stopped halfway. The file is not completely downloaded so when you click on it to unzip, it gives you the error that your file is "corrupt".

While we're looking for other means to fix this issue, we do ask people to update their Internet Explorer 8 or Windows. Updating your Windows should update your Internet Explorer. Or you can choose to download another great web browser from Google named Chrome that is fast and ultra secure/safe.

We apologise again for the problems downloading your designs. If you are having problems downloading your files, please let us know so we can help you.

Problems with registering on website:

We've made it now even easier to register for free. Now you don't need to first verify via email your account for it to be acrtivated. As soon as you register you are immediately activated and logged in.

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