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FSL Flowers

FSL Flowers

FSL (Free Standing Lace) Flowers - Machine Embroidery Designs Set made by Liuba Tabunidze.Designs will look great on dress embelishment or home decor projects.General instructions on using FSL designs:You are need water-soluble mesh (no Film-like water soluble stabilizers). I will recomend use 2 layers of stabilizer.It's very important to hoop the stabilizer VERY tightly, like a drum skin.Free-standing lace (FSL) designs can be embroidered using rayon or polyester embroidery threads, depending on your preference.  To get 2-sided embroidery you should use the same thread for the needle thread and bobbin thread.  Start embroidering. After finish embroidery cut the design out. Neatly trim the excess stabilizer.Place in a bowl with warm water to wash away the remaining stabilizer.Lay the design flat, spread it and leave to air dry.  Press with steam. AE_FSL Fl1_40mm for hoop 4x4" Sizes: 39.8 x 40.2 mm (1.57x1.58")Stitches : 2122AE_FSL Fl1_68mm for hoop 4x4"Sizes: 68 x 68.8 mm (2.68x2.71")Stitches : 3749AE_FSL Fl2_30mm for hoop 4x4"Sizes: 30.8 x 26.6 mm (1.21x1.17")Stitches : 2056AE_FSL Fl2_70mm for hoop 4x4"Sizes: 70.2 x 70.2 mm (2.76x2.76")Stitches : 6033AE_FSL Fl2_3_40mm (group of 3 flowers) for hoop 4x4"Sizes: 80.8 x 72.8 mm (3.18x2.87")Stitches : 8475AE_FSL Fl2_7_30mm (group of 7 flowers) for hoop 4x4"Sizes: 90.2 x 83.8 mm (3.55x3.3")Stitches : 14308AE_FSL Fl3_40mm for hoop 4x4"Sizes: 40 x 40 mm (1.57x1.57")Stitches : 3188AE_FSL Fl4_23mm for hoop 4x4"Sizes: 23.2 x 23.4 mm (0.91x0.92")Stitches : 1923AE_FSL Fl4_7_23mm for hoop 4x4"Sizes: 73.4 x 73.6 mm (2.89x2.9")Stitches : 13449AE_Leaf1_Sm for hoop 4x4"Sizes: 36.6 x 40.4 mm (1.44x1.59")Stitches : 1979AE_Leaf1 for hoop 4x4"Sizes: 40.6 x 44.6 mm (1.6x1.76")Stitches : 2199AE_Leaf1Sm_5+Fl4_20mm for hoop 4x4"Sizes: 85.2 x 89 mm (3.35x3.5")Stitches : 11405AE_Leaf1_5+Fl2_25mm for hoop 4x4"Sizes: 95.2 x 99.8 mm (3.75x13.93")Stitches : 126591 ColorFormats:  DST, JEF, EXP, HUS, PEC, PES, XXX, VIP, VP3  

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