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Khokhloma Table Runner

Khokhloma Table Runner

Khokhloma Table Runner - Machine Embroidery Designs Set with Russian Khokhloma Floral and Berry Ornament and English Proverb "East, West - Home is Best"The beautiful look of Khokhloma or Khokhloma painting (Хохлома) Russian wood painting handicraft style and national ornament, known for its vivid flower patterns, red and gold colors over a black background, is reflected in these detailed designs. Set Of Russian Khokhloma Machine Embroidery Designs will perfect for Table runner, Round doily and other home decor projects. The Table Runner project was made with a free-motion stitching. No stipple designs In the set !Designs are delivered as a .zip file which contains: - .txt info file- Color Charts, - Pictures of designs and embroidered project,- Layout for for borders and center - 12 designs for different hoop. Full Project can be stitched in hoop 8x12" and bigger. AE_KH_Flower_RW for hoop 4x4"Size: 1.90x1.68 " (48.2x42.6 mm), Stitches: 1911 ColorAE_KH_Label for hoop 6x8"Size: 7.34x3.65 " (186.4x92.6 mm), Stitches: 99057 Colors, 8 Thread ChangesAE_KH_Proverb1 for hoop 8x10"Size: 7.00x7.27 " (177.8x184.6 mm), Stitches: 27822 Colors, 2 Thread ChangesAE_KH_Proverb2 for hoop 8x10"Size: 7.19x7.13 " (182.7x181.2 mm), Stitches: 27862 Colors, 2 Thread ChangesAE_KH_Proverb3 for hoop 8x10"Size: 8.39x6.55 " (213.0x166.4 mm), Stitches: 36192 Colors, 2 Thread ChangesAE_KH_Proverb4 for hoop 6x8"Size: 5.26x6.21 " (133.6x157.8 mm), Stitches: 23742 Colors, 3 Thread ChangesAE_KH_Ring for hoop 12x12"Size: 10.41x10.42 " (264.4x264.6 mm), Stitches: 477857 Colors, 8 Thread ChangesAE_KH_Ring1_1 for hoop 8x12"Size: 10.67x5.47 " (271.0x139.0 mm), Stitches: 193678 Colors, 9 Thread ChangesAE_KH_Ring1_2 for hoop 8x12"Size: 10.67x6.61 " (271.0x168.0 mm), Stitches: 283437 Colors, 8 Thread ChangesAE_KH_RingCenter for hoop 5x7" Size: 4.22x4.09 " (107.2x104.0 mm), Stitches: 8172 Colors, 2 Thread ChangesAE_KH_TR_Bottom for hoop 8x10" Size: 9.10x3.89 " (231.2x98.8 mm), Stitches: 77156 Colors, 7 Thread ChangesAE_KH_TR_Mid1_1 for hoop 5x7"Size: 6.66x2.78 " (169.2x70.6 mm), Stitches: 87906 Colors, 7 Thread ChangesAE_KH_TR_Mid1_2 for hoop 8x12"Size: 10.70x3.11 " (271.8x79.0 mm), Stitches: 165368 Colors, 9 Thread ChangesAE_KH_TR_Top for hoop 8x10" Size: 9.12x3.58 " (231.6x91.0 mm), Stitches: 90088 Colors, 14 Thread ChangesAvailable formats: DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PEC, PES, XXX, VIP, VP3

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Khokhloma Table Runner Designs Set

Khokhloma Table Runner Center

Khokhloma Table Runner Borders

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